Wednesday, 19 June 2013

UV Gel Nail Dryer

I bought this UV Gel Nail Dryer for only £9.50 on EBay, with free delivery too. Unfortunately I can't use it yet because the gel nail polish I ordered hasn't arrived, which is annoying having to dryer with nothing to dry! 

I wasn't expecting much when this arrived due to how cheaply I got it, and I obviously can't say if it actually works or not, but I do really like the colour and the bulb works which is a good start! 

There is a small 'O/l' switch at the back to turn it on and off, and that is the only other detail there is that is not shown in the photos. The cable is a decent length and the inside of the dryer is mirrored so that all the light can be reflected onto your nails, there was a protective layer over this to peel off.

Lastly, one thing that drew my attention to this dryer was the free gifts! Again, I wasn't expecting much of these due to the low price, but all the same, it's a little added extra. 

So, there are five parts to the gift, you get a nail buffer, a cuticle cutter/pusher, toe separators, false nail tips and a little box of nail embellishments. There are several variations of each gift and they are randomly selected. I already tried out the toe separators and I can say that it is the flimsiest material and probably wont last long, but to be fair, it does do it's job. Overall, you can feel that all these gifts are a bit cheap, but that is expected and they are all unusable so I am quite pleased with my purchase.

I will do another post on this topic once I have my gel nail polish so that I can tell you if the dryer works and post a proper review of the product - which you can buy here...


I had to take a close up of this because they are so
cute, definateley the best part of the free gift. But, again it is
completely random which box you get and it is a selection
of five different types.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Summer Fragrance

For my birthday I got Chanel Chance Eau Tendre which is a really nice summer perfume, I like perfumes that aren't too strong and overpowering so this is a perfect light flowery scent. 

The scent does last for a good amount of time and almost smells nicer the longer you have it on for as it blends in a bit. 

I have also had the Eau Fraiche one which isn't quite as sweet as this, but a great scent for winter. I haven't really tried that many perfumes but I am really pleased with this one so far. 

How to get rid of spots

As a teenager, I have had my fair share of spots and like most other people, I have tried everything to reduce  their appearance. It is only recently that I have finally managed to keep them under control and am able to leave the house without feeling extremely embarrassed of my face. I want to share everything that I have tried and what works and what doesn't.

What causes spots?
Spots are most common amongst teenagers due to the fact that they are mostly a result of the way the skin reacts to hormonal changes and the raised levels of testosterone; a hormone that can cause too much sebum to be produced in both boys and girls. This causes the blockage of hair follicles and when dead skin cells mix with the blockage it leads to a spot forming.

Myths that I used to believe:
I found that there are always people telling you different things about spots and trying to say why you have them. I personally can relate to this as friends would say 'it's because you are using that foundation' or 'try to not eat so much of that type of food'. It is at this point when it becomes a bit confusing, so I will put you straight.
>Food - Lots of people have said to me that eating too much chocolate or 'junk foods' containing a lot of grease can cause spots, however, there is no evidence of this statement to be true.
>Make-up - There is a myth that having make-up on your skin can cause acne, but this is not true. However it is true that touching your face too often when it isn't necessary can cause the spread of bacteria on your face which aids the formation of a spot.
>Bad hygiene - People may think that those who are affected by acne have poor hygiene or are considered 'dirty', there is no proof of this to be true and that no matter how clean your face is, if your hormone balance has destined you to have acne, then the bad news is that you most probably will.

Treating and reducing appearance of spots:
I have definitely tried almost everything, and the treatment method for you is very much dependent on the severity of your acne. Personally, I feel that I have experienced different levels of acne and have tried out different products to treat them. Here is a guide where you can match your own level of acne and use my advice to help you deal with it.

1) Mild Acne - you get the occasional spot that can be very angry, painful and red.

These types of spots occurred for me when I just began at secondary school. It is at this age where you have to begin to take take more action over your own personal health and cleanliness. I would strongly recommend buying a face wash to use morning and night to ensure that you remove any bacteria from your face that has built up over the day and night. There are many brands available from supermarkets and drug-stores such as Boots. Choose one depending on your skin type, as if you have dry skin, then some products will aggravate your skin and cause further problems.


   Amie - Morning Clear facial wash, £4.95

Great for all skin types as it doesn't dry
out the skin because it cleanses as well
as provides moisture. However, avoid
if you have really oily skin.
The Body Shop - Tea Tree facial wash. £5.00
This is the face wash I use as I have a more oily
skin type than dry. I would highly recommend
this as your face feels clean and fresh after use
and the active ingredient tea tree is proven
to help fight spots and remove bacteria.

Another brand that I would highly recommend is Clearasil which have many facial products especially for the treatment of spots. It would also be an idea to look at The Body Shops other ranges as there are ones such as seaweed, which I used to use and love when my skin wasn't too bad. The range you go for depends on your skin-type and the shop assistants in there will kindly help you select a suitable product. Another really important step in your routine is moisturiser, I never used to bother with this, so I would be taking away all my skins moisture with a face wash but then not re-applying moisture to my skin. This causes your skin to produce more oil to replace what was taken away. I highly recommend this Simple moisturiser as it is light and suitable for all skin-types

Simple - Hydrating Light Moisturiser, £3.79 (Boots)

2) Combination Acne - You may have developed a variety of spot types as well as the big ones you have black heads and groups of smaller spots.

This is the type of acne that suddenly hit me last year as I noticed the number of spots on my face at one time increased rapidly. It was my forehead that was badly affected as well as the problem of blackheads on most of my 't-zone'. It was at this point where just simply washing my face morning and night was no longer enough. Now may be a good time to book an appointment with your doctor. That is what I did and I was prescribed with different things:
  • Duac Gel - This was the first thing I was given by the Doctor and you have to apply it to the affected areas each night after washing your face. You have to be very patient with this product as it is supposed to take up to 6 weeks to finally work. At first I found this made my skin red and flaky, which was very noticeable by other people. This made my skin sore and painful so I had to put it on every other night and use a lot less. However, as I have been using it regularly since, my skin has adapted and become used to it and I think that this has help my skin alot. After washing this off in the morning, make sure you always moisturise and use a little more than usual.
  • Epiduo Gel - Because I didn't used to apply the Duac Gel regularly, there was a time when my skin worsened again, so the Doctor gave me an alternative to try with another active ingredient as well as the benzoyl peroxide. It has adapalene in it, and when I began using this, it made my face even worse and so painful, it was ten times more painful than the Duac Gel ever made it, so I stopped using this immediately. I do not recommend this!
  • Erythromycin Antibiotics - Finally, I am still using to this day these antibiotics. I also use Duac Gel every night to keep my skin under control so I am unaware whether it is the antibiotics or the Duac Gel helping my skin, but it is much better than it was so I am asuming one of them must be working. There are many different types of antibiotics prescribed to people to treat acne and I'm sure that the Doctor will prescribe one that is suitable for you.

3) Maintaining acne prone skin - You now have your acne under control but are still prone to the occasional outbreak or single spot.

I am now at this final stage where I try and look after my skin carefully to prevent any further spots. I do still get occasional ones and here are some tips on getting rid of them as quickly as possible.
T-Zone - Spot Zapping Stick £4.50 (Price may vary)
This works really well on occasional, single spots
and helps to reduce the size and appearance of them.
The active ingredients help to fight spots, I really like
this product and personally like the smell of tea tree!
There are many products like the one above called 'zapping' sticks, and most of which are on the market to help reduce the size of spots and help them to disappear faster. They are great if you are at this stage of acne.

I hope my advice helps you and that your acne doesn't last too much longer, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and I'm sure you will suddenly be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Photography - Alice in Wonderland

I have just completed my photography GCSE and will get the results in August, my photography exam project was centred around the theme of Alice in Wonderland and how we could uniquely 'transform' it.

I started off by experimenting with Photoshop and making the photo have a surreal essence to it by 'shrinking' Alice (my sister). I also wanted to ensure that the theme of my photos remained obvious by including the key symbols such as the tea-cup and the cards. I was pleased with this first photo but I felt that it could be made deeper with further research.

Development - Stage 1 Example
After looking at a different photographer for inspiration, I decided to make my photos have more depth to explore the theme in more detail. I took a few more photos for this including one of my dollshouse's kitchen (seen in the background layer of the photo below). Also, I wanted to create the misty effect by creating a blurred layer and changing the opacity and finally I added in my sister/'Alice' along with the flowers in the foreground which were based on my chosen photographer.

Development - Stage 2 Example
After I tried and tested various combinations of the photos I had taken, I decided that my bubble photo was one of the most successful and so I built up a new combination of photos amongst this one in order to come to my final piece. For my final piece below I used several layers behind the main bubble image, including the dollshouse very faintly in the background to add depth, the cards to make a floor-like effect and the lavender boldly in the foreground. I merged different photos of 'Alice' into each bubble to create the underlined surreal, fairytale effect.

Final Piece
My final piece was framed in a simple black frame and printed A3 size. I was pleased with my end result and  I think that my photo created the impact and effect that I wanted it too.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Gel Nails - French Manicure


On friday I went to a nail salon to try out the 'gel nails' that I kept hearing about. If you haven't heard of them then a brief summary of the difference between this gel nail varnish and normal nail varnish is that this gel nail varnish is supposed to last without chipping or wearing away for a longer time and sets instantly with the aid of a UV light nail dryer.

I decided to go for a French manicure because I thought that having a bold colour would show signs of re-growth more obviously. As you can see from the pictures my nails are still very much in tact and so far I am really impressed by the gel polish. I will upload a picture of my nails in a week or so to show you how they look.

The process:
1) My nails were buffed and the cuticles pushed down. Then the tops were shaped.
2) The dust from buffing was brushed away to avoid getting trapped underneath the nail polish.
3) A foundation/base coat was applied to each nail.
4) Cured (I had to put my hands in UV light machines that had automatic timers) for roughly 30 seconds.
5) The white tips of my nails were applied using a white polish then cured for another 30 seconds on each hand.
6) A clear topcoat was applied to add a final layer of protection and then cured for another 30 seconds.
7) Finally, a cleanser followed by cuticle oil were applied directly onto my nails which were completely set.
8) I could leave without the worry of damaging my newly painted nails!

This manicure cost me £15, and now I am interested in this nail polish and the possibility of doing it at home. I am going to look into how I can achieve this at home relatively cheaply and easily, I will do a post on what I find out.


Hello everyone! As it's my first post, I am going to start by saying thank you so much for visiting my blog! It means a lot to me.

Secondly, a quick introduction about me: My name is Kate Overy (quite an unfortunate surname, but I can't help that!) I am 16 years old as of the 3rd of May and I just finished my GCSEs on Thursday. I had 25 exams! .. Which was a bit ridiculous and stressful but the good news is that it's over now! I have decided to start this blog to share random posts and things that I am interested in over the 12 weeks I have of summer.

The things that I will be sharing on this blog will include: make-up reviews and new purchases, nails nails nails-nail varnish is my favourite thing to buy and I will review different nail varnishes here. Basically, I want to share random things I like on here and maybe do some 'how to' posts because I love to give advice and help people solve their problems:)

If you have got to the end of this, I love you! and I hope that you stick with me and can enjoy my blog!
Kate xx